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Jaylan Mobley | 5 Things About Leah Messer’s New Reported BF Hollywood Life

Jaylan Mobley | 5 Things To Know About |Jaylan Mobley age

Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 has a new man in her life! Here are 5 things you need to know about the reality star’s boyfriend.Jaylan Mobley | 5 Things To Know About |Jaylan Mobley age

Jaylan Mobley

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has started dating again, sharing a snapshot of herself receiving a fiery kiss from a new man on September 10. The Ashley has reportable that this mystery man is indeed Jaylan Mobley, a 25-year-old u. s. military officer. Leah didn’t offer abundant context once she shared the snap on her Instagram page.what does leah’s boyfriend jason do for work

1. The couple just started dating.


On August 2021 TikTok, Leah displayed along with her fans when they asked her if she was chemical analysis her friend. Justin burke. though she may need been keeping their relationship standing a secret, it feels like she and Jaylan area unit a more recent component. it’s additionally unclear whether or not he met his 3 daughters. Earlier this year, she aforementioned North Americantd_homepage_loop Placeholder nation weekly that introducing her youngsters to her latest man, Jason, was a “big mistake.”She explained, “The last guy I dated, we have a tendency to date for a minimum of four months before I allowed him to urge on the brink of my youngsters. “That was the most important mistake, honestly. In my opinion, I don’t wish to confuse you therewith. Exposition a new guy my children’s lives it’s one thing I actually don’t grasp if I’m hospitable.

2. Jaylan is an officer in the United States Army.

Jaylan Mobley
Jaylan Mobley

According to this LinkedIn page, he’s a primary Lieutenant within us Army and a member of the WV home reserve. He additionally recently completed the essential Leadership Course. “Less than zero.1% of every category graduating from Reserve Officers Training Corps / Academy is chosen, when rigorous interviews, testing, and application method,” he wrote in October 2019 once he was chosen.

3. Graduated from WV University United States.

Jaylan graduated from WV University with a master’s degree in cybersecurity. He additionally visited faculty in Georgia and attended the celebrated West Point Military secondary school. Before graduating, he even did AN post at an independent agency. observe an informed man.United States

4. Jaylan is younger than Leah.

He celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday on Gregorian calendar month four, 2021, creating him four years younger than Leah. “25 years later, on this present day, it represents twenty-five blessings to be grateful for,” he wrote on gamma globulin.what does leah’s daughter have

5. Doesn’t appear to own youngsters.

According to his social media channels, he doesn’t seem to own youngsters of his own. Leah, United Nations agency could be a mother of 3, antecedently discovered that she would be willing to own a fourth baby. “Listen, if I ever remarried, and let’s say they’d no youngsters and would desire a kid, now I’d return up with terms and conditions as a result of I place my job in!” she aforementioned North American nation weekly at the start of this year.www.hollywood.com kedence Messer.

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Who is jaylan Mobley?

Jaylan Mobley is a famous First Lieutenant.

How did LEAH Messer meet jaylan?

met through a project Jaylan did with ESPN and the Army that was filmed and captured by one of my PA’s in September 2020. Leah told Entertainment Tonight in September 2021

Who is LEAH Messer’s new man?

LEAH Messer revealed her new boyfriend Jaylan Mobley

How old is LEAH Messer?

29 yearsApril 24, 1992

what does leah’s boyfriend jason do for work

boyfriend, Jason Mobley, a North Carolina native who serves as a U.S. Army cyber officer and previously worked for NASA.

what does leah’s daughter have

Ali was diagnosed with titin myopathy muscular dystrophy, a rare form of the progressive weakness disease, but new numbers are keeping her mom optimistic.

Jaylan Mobley Instagram id | Twitter id

Jaylan Mobley Instagram id | Twitter id
jaylan_mobley @MobleyJaylan

jaylan Mobley west Virginia

First Lieutenant at West Virginia National Guard West Virginia UniversityWest Virginia National Guard Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

About Jaylan Mobley

Jaydon Mobley’s exact birth details nor age is yet to be specified. However, judging by the appearances, he appears to be in his early 30s.On the other hand, Leah Messer was born on April 24, 1992, and is currently only 29 years old. Leah Messer was previously married to Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. Other pictures and snaps of Jaylan hanging out with Leah’s friends have circulated the internet. Recently, he went to Costa Rica with Leah and her company.

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