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About us – the trending pedia

The Trending Pedia brings you all the trending and popular new blogs on the internet. Our list of coverage includes Tech news, Tourism, Viral News, Movies & TV Series, Sports and it goes on and on. The list is non-exhaustive in nature as we are continuously adding new topics to cover as much as we can to entertain and provide content to people from all walks of life.

About us

Born in 2022, we have a lot to achieve with our dedicated team of bloggers Our aim is to define and revamp the blog space in coming years. Our mission is to provide quality and unique content to our readers. Our vision is to build and maintain a community of readers who are eager to get regular news and updates and can connect with the trend around.

Our mission is to provide quality content to the readers on all the topics they crave for. We want to focus on real-time news and trending topics, not just the ones talked about in the mainstream media. We also have an active social presence, where we discuss upcoming trends and engage with our readers.


We believe in making a responsible contribution towards the society by providing authentic content that acts as a bridge between the reader and the newsmakers. With us, you can stay abreast constantly with trending topics from different industries across the world. We provide daily reports regarding various intriguing topics from various categories such as travel, sports, science & technology, entertainment, viral stories etc.

At Trending Pedia we constantly aim at delivering informative yet interesting news for our valuable web visitors. We are committed towards making this web portal worth visiting for its true contentment and real insights about current happenings or events worldwide. Be it about politics or entertainment; you get the deep understanding of what’s going on in any particular field from us. Thus, instead of coming on any other site, experience the world of news with us!

We are looking forward to your feedback, questions, and suggestions. If you like what we do, spread the word! Feel free to share us on social media or give us a shout out! Thank you for being a part of our family.

Our Vision stays concrete on being a powerful blog house in the future with a current team of 10+ Bloggers to making it 50+ in the coming years.